Thayr & Ginny Richey. Retired business owner & Children’s librarian

Jan 17, 2023   |  Home Safety

Thayr and Ginny heard about us from friends, clipped an article from “Bloom” Magazine, visited our website, and wrote out their objectives before contacting us. Caring for Thayr’s father in their home for many years taught them about make-shift modifications to accommodate declining mobility. When they decided to age-in-place, however, they determined that a thoughtful, proactive approach is best. The footprint of their bathroom was large, but it was chopped up into inefficient “mini-rooms”: (1) a “useless” bathtub and small vanity with a single sink, (2) a small shower stall, (3) the toilet with no room to accommodate a walker or someone to assist, (4) another vanity with a single sink in a long room with the door to the “stuffed” clothes closet. Their objectives were: a curbless shower, a hydro-therapy bathtub, a toilet with ample room, a double vanity high enough to stand and sit at, a closet reconfigured for a heat pump for a new geothermal heating system and more efficient storage of clothes. They say we met their objectives “perfectly” and their bathroom is “functional and lovely.”