Helen & James Suelflow, Professor Emeritus, Kelly School of Business

Apr 26, 2023   |  Home Safety

Helen and James, Professor Emeritus, Kelley School of Business, Before Helen could return home from rehabilitating from joint replacement surgery her physical therapist made a home visit which produced a list of needed modifications. Principally, a set of “walker steps” (low rise steps deep enough to accommodate a walker) up from the garage floor to a platform level with the door into their home. During our initial consultation James showed us a newly installed low threshold shower that he could use, but not Helen. For her the grab bars were misplaced, the door was hard to negotiate, and the slope of the shower made her feel unsteady. The same company had first installed a walk-in bathtub that Helen could not use either. James and Helen were being proactive, but they hired a company that lacked the knowledge of what would work for their clients. Unfortunately, we run into this situation occasionally. When we finished James wrote in a testimonial, “Their suggestions were right on. Installation was also tops and done in a timely manner. There is no question who we will contact for any further needs.” It’s not uncommon for clients from many years ago to call us back when they need new recommendations and modifications. James called us ten years later to transform the walker steps into a ramp with a set of regular steps.