Debbie and James Fix, Cardiologist

Apr 26, 2023   |  Bathroom Remodeling

Debbie and James heard about us from the owner of a local medical equipment company. They were accustomed to solving Debbie’s mobility issues, caused by multiple sclerosis, with assistive devices. They called us when it was time to move the master bedroom, and build an accessible bathroom, on the main floor. In our initial consultation we learned that Debbie was being transferred using a Hoyer Lift, which is large, unwieldy, and uncomfortable. Not only did we design and build a bathroom with a curbless shower, comfort-height toilet with a bidet seat, and a vanity with a touch faucet, we included a motorized hoist that ran along a ceiling track. Debbie can be lifted from her side of the bed, transferred into the bathroom to the vanity, the toilet, and into the shower, then out of the bathroom into the family room to transfer to her recliner or her wheelchair. Upon finishing, as our gift, we installed threshold ramps to the sliding glass door between the family room and the deck. Now Debbie has access to the deck and a view of the swimming pool.