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Aging-In-Place Planning

Agewise Design LLC is a premier provider of aging-in-place planning. We provide universal design, remodeling, and senior move management services that enable individuals and their families to navigate the natural changes brought about by aging.

We modify living spaces so people can remain independent at home.

Accessible showerWhen people hire a company for aging-in-place planning, they imagine a final product or result. What they are really doing is hiring a company that provides multiple services, which culminate in a final product or result. Success depends upon a company that listens to and meets their needs. What sets Agewise Design apart is our client-centered approach. Our aging-in-place remodeling projects reflect our clients’ taste and meet their short- and long-term needs. Our senior move management jobs recreate our clients’ homes on a smaller scale, and dispose of their unneeded belongings according to their wishes.

Aging-in-Place Remodeling

Whether you are reacting to a sudden change in mobility, or thinking about some renovations to safeguard your independence, we can respond quickly with individualized, tasteful solutions. What sets us apart from others offering comparable products and services is our client-centered planning process. Others can install assistive devices or remodel your living spaces, but they follow one-size-fits-all standards. We design and renovate to reflect your taste and to meet both your short-term and long-term therapeutic needs.

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